Evelyn Heylen

Evelyn Heylen

Evelyn Heylen performs research in the field of future sustainable energy systems. She is currently head of research at Centrica Business Solutions and has an honorary association in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department of Imperial College London, where she is also a guest lecturer. Evelyn joined Centrica in December 2020, after being a post-doctoral researcher at Imperial College London, UK, and the University of Leuven, Belgium. Prior to this, she obtained the degrees of Master in Energy Engineering and Doctor in Electrical Engineering from the University of Leuven, Belgium, in resp. 2013 and 2018. Her PhD research in the field of power system reliability was funded by a PhD fellowship of the Research Foundation Flanders.

Her current research focuses on how virtual power plants, consisting of assets with different characteristics, can help in realizing sustainable energy systems. For this purpose, she investigates novel flexibility products to support the operation of low-inertia power systems and multi-carrier energy systems, as well as control algorithms for virtual power plants to deliver different ancillary services and energy products. The design of flexibility products and control policies is supported by cutting-edge optimization techniques, and hybrid data-driven and physics-informed machine learning models.


Work in progress

Heylen E., Browell J., Strbac G., Teng F., "Valuation of Probabilistic Inertia Forecasts using a Probabilistic Model for Optimal Inertia Management"

Graham J. S., Heylen E., Teng F., "Explanatory Models for Inertia Forecasting using a Nordic Case-Study"

Bhardwaj V., Ergun H., Heylen E., Van Hertem D., "A novel security constrained optimal power flow considering fast ac/dc converter control"

Kaushal A., Ergun H., Heylen E., Van Hertem D., "A SCOPF model for congestion management considering power flow controlling devices"

Reviewed journals

Buizza C., Quilodran Casas C., Nadler P., Mack J., Marrone S., Titus Z., Le Cornec C., Heylen E., Dur T., Baca Ruiz L., Heaney C., Amador Diaz Lopez J., Arcucci R., "Data Learning: Integrating Data Assimilation with Machine Learning", Journal of Computational Science [Accepted for publication]

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Book contribution

Heylen E., De Boeck S., Ovaere M., Ergun H., Van Hertem D., "Steady state security." Dynamic Vulnerability Assessment and Intelligent Control for Sustainable Power Systems , Ed. Rueda J. L. , Gonzalez-Longatt F., John Wiley & Sons, 2018.

Conference papers

Heylen E., Ovaere M., Van Hertem D., Deconinck G. "Fairness of Power System Load-Shedding Plans." IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics, Miyazaki, Japan, 7-10 October 2018., 6 pages, IEEE

Heylen E., Ovaere M., Deconinck G., Van Hertem D. "Fair Reliability Management: Comparing Deterministic and Probabilistic Short-Term Reliability Management." Power and Energy Society General Meeting. Portland, Oregon, USA 5-10 August 2018, 5 pages, IEEE

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Heylen, E., Van Hertem, D. (2014). "Importance and difficulties of comparing reliability criteria and the assessment of reliability.", IEEE Young Researchers Symposium. Gent, 24-25 April 2014 (art.nr. 18) EESA.

PhD Dissertation

Heylen E., "Evaluation of Power System Reliability Management Towards Socially Acceptable Short-Term Reliability Criteria" , Jan. 2018

Invited talks


  • ComForEn conference 2021, 'Renewable energy communities: Bringing the energy transition to the citizens', Hybrid [22/11/2021, invited by Dr. Stefan Mark]
  • COOCK project Smart Port Inspiration session, 'AI to valorize flexible demand using demand-response services', Hybrid [22/10/2021, invited by Dr. Matthias Strobbe]
  • MOOC TU Delft: Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems, Online [Invited by Dr. Simon Tindemans]
  • Panel member Supergen Net Zero Conference: Greening the economy and society, Online [01/09/2021]


  • Seminar University of Strathclyde, Online [Invited by Dr. Jethro Browell]


  • Seminar University of Essex, Essex, UK [Invited by Dr. Fanlin Meng]
  • ESAT Clustersymposium, Geel, Belgium [Invited by Dr. Bert Herteleer]
  • 11th seminar for Next Generation of Researchers in Power Systems, Copenhagen, Denmark [Nominated by Prof. Dirk Van Hertem]


  • Symposium on Stability Assessment and Intelligent Control for Sustainable Electrical Power Systems, TU Delft, The Netherlands [Invited by Prof. dr. Jose Rueda Torres]


  • Seminar Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, UK [Invited by Prof. Chris Dent]


  • Heat pump symposium, Leuven, Belgium [Invited by Prof. Maarten Sourbron]

Science outreach

A need for speed to keep the lights on, Online, 19 August 2021

Heylen, E., Van Hertem, D., (2019) Laat de elektriciteit maar stromen, De Standaard, 9 January 2019 [in Dutch]

Heylen, E. (2018) How can electricity shortages be addressed in a fairer way? , KU Leuven blogt

Heylen, E., Van Hertem, D., Belmans, R. (2018) Fact check: The Belgian energy provision of electricity in the winter of 2018-2019

Articles in popular press and technical journals based on science outreach

Huysmans L. (2018) Hoe België evolueerde van overcapaciteit naar stroomtekort, Trends, Based on: Fact check: The Belgian energy provision of electricity in the winter of 2018-2019

Viane P. (2018) Gaat het licht straks daadwerkelijk uit: De diverse factoren in de weegschaal, Elektricien - Vakblad voor de elektro-installateur, 2018-06, Nov. 2018, Based on: Fact check: The Belgian energy provision of electricity in the winter of 2018-2019


MAESHA Sustainable energy development at the French island Mayotte

Short-term system inertia forecast with National Grid (Transmission system operator United Kingdom)

H2020 EU Sysflex Task leader of T4.1: "Integration of System Services from new technologies into System Operator scheduling and decision support tools". Collaborative effort with EDF (France), PSE (Transmission system operator Poland) and NCNR (Poland)

FP7 GARPUR on the development of a Generally Accepted Reliability Principle with Uncertainty modelling and through probabilistic Risk assessment. Collaborative effort with amongst others Sintef (Norway) Statnett (Transmission system operator Norway) and RTE (Transmission system operator France)

Teaching and Supervision


'Convex relaxations in optimization' in M.Sc course on Topics on Control, Imperial College London, UK [2019-2020, 2020-2021]


Co-supervisor PhD Candidate Imperial College London: Jemima Graham

Supervisor MSc students Imperial College London: Zhidi Huang, Ying Xu

Daily supervisor MSc student KU Leuven: Margarita Dosi